Custom Cast Ornamental Panels

From CLS Enterprises

Welcome to our page describing our new organic themed castings.

Building on the success we’ve had with our traditional scroll design castings, we developed a technique to produce panels that are of a more organic feel. The idea was to give people a better version of plain waterjet and plasma cut panels. Although these types of panels can be very cost effective they leave a lot to be desired if you are looking for detail. By adding detail lines to the foam pattern, we can bring a new dimension to a panel that normally is only appealing in silhouette. The pictures below show just how drastic a change this can be.
Here is a typical railing sized panel. You can immediately see how much the detail lines have changed the overall look.
Lost foam casting allows us to cast thin sections that would be really difficult using normal casting methods.
The following pictures show the real potential of this process.
Cast pedestrian gate after cleanup. Approximately 90 minutes was spent removing foundry gating and general cleanup. Tools used were a jig saw and a 4 1/2” sander/grinder. We leave cleanup to the fabricator since you know what level of perfection you need.
Primed and top coated with bronze colored single stage automotive paint. The detail lines are still visible, but with a little brush work, they could be darkened to make them pop. We chose bronze as a base coat to best support our overall feel of a statuary patination.
And finally after we’ve finished with the patina.
We used acrylic paints with a dry brush application.

The detail grooves really simplified the process making it almost like paint by numbers.
We think this new and unique process holds huge potential for your higher-end clients that are looking for more than a simple cookie cutter panel. Although the look is new, the process is the same one that’s been proven hundreds of times before on our other projects.