Custom Cast Ornamental Panels

From CLS Enterprises

Playhouse Square in Cleveland, Ohio is one of the larger projects we have participated in. Over 180 of our panels were used to create the scroll work.
Design Communications of Boston was the designer/engineer and fabricator on the project. We worked directly with their Orlando, Florida branch which handled the fabrication. We have a good working relationship with DCL, but ultimately price was the deciding factor. Water jet cutting was the original intent but proved to be too costly. Since the material was aluminum 1 1/4” face and 3/4” thick, mechanical scroll forming was impractical with current equipment. Traditional hot forging was right out.
We worked closely with the Orlando fabrication team to ensure they had the proper instruction for working with our panels. We also incorporated design features like the tongue and groove joinery you see in this picture. The addition of these at the weld points really increased the strength.
There were four unique arches. Each arch required custom sized panels.
We used the same CAD drawing that the architect supplied so the design was exactly as he envisioned.
The edge detail and face texture gave the scrolls some life as opposed to flat cut sheet.
These shots gives you a good idea of the scale of the arches.
Wimpy scroll work wasn’t going to cut it.